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Founded in the middle of the pandemic in 2021, Hive Haircare became a pioneering brand in the beauty industry in Guatemala, a country with abundant natural resources but lacking development in the cosmetics industry. Victoria Ortiz, the founder, decided to experiment with 100% pure bee honey available to her from her own family apiary.

Initially, her family used the honey for food consumption only. Then, she created a honey brand, named Hive Honey, and started selling it exclusively to friends and family. After discovering the beauty benefits of honey, she decided to create her own beauty brand using this very limited, exclusive, and valuable ingredient she had at hand.


The Hive Apiary is sustainable and biodynamic (learn more in Save the Bees). Our bees are treated fairly, with respect and the admiration they deserve. This is what makes our key ingredient (honey) so special and different from other honey-based cosmetics brands. Hive seeks to become a well-known brand not only in Guatemala and Latin America, but throughout the entire world. We aim to spread the message of love and care for bees to help save them before it’s too late.

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