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At Hive we care about the bees and the environment.

Bees are very important for humans and the planet, without them we would be left without food and plants. It is our responsibility to take care of them and have responsible practices to preserve them.

The initiative of Hive Cares seeks to create a community that supports the responsible care of bees and the environment through education, promoting recycling and rescuing wild hives through local trustworthy organizations such as BeeHub and other local beekeepers who have the same values towards bees as Hive does.

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The Bees


Since the beginning Hive adopted biodynamic and sustainable practices with the bees within our apiary. The honey used for Hive products is 100% pure since we collect honey once a year and we do not feed our bees sugar water as other beekeepers do as their primary food source. In our apiary, we do not steal all their honey and we leave them with enough food (honey) so they’re able to survive the winter and the times in when there is no flowering.

Sugar water should only be used as an emergency food supplement as it does not contain the same nutritional benefits as honey (their food) which is naturally made from flower nectar and has nutritional values for them.

The sustainable practices at the Hive apiary gives added environmental value to our honey and to our products which contain an exclusive, very high quality honey, which is very rare to find in the whole world.



The beauty industry is one of the main problems for the high percentage of global garbage. This is why Hive seeks to find more environmentally friendly ways to reduce the high percentage of garbage caused by empty cosmetic products containers.


The packaging used for all Hive products are 100% recyclable.

At Hive we use glass and PET plastic containers, which are 100% recyclable materials.

Our boxes and bags are made with recycled paper.

We not only seek to promote recycling but we also seek to teach our customers other ways they can reuse their beauty products packagings. We rarely tend to find creative ways to reuse beauty containers and we end up throwing away the packaging for which we pay for when purchasing cosmetic products.


Not anymore with Hive…

Bee Rescue

At Hive we seek to create a community that cares for bees. This is why we have a network of local beekeepers who seek to help the community rescue wild hives that may be in homes, offices, buildings, etc. Many people believe that the easiest way to get rid of unwanted hives is to kill them, unfortunately this does great damage to the ecosystem.

There is a very old legend that when a beehive is placed in your house it is of very good luck!

At Hive we are willing to support our clients with advice and contacts from local beekeepers and trusted local organizations such as BeeHub, among others, in order to help prevent the decision to kill unwanted hives.

For every customer who approaches us and does a good deed of not killing the hives they are looking to remove from their homes, Hive will reward them with a very special discount on any purchase.


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