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Privacy Policy

HIVE is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of personal information obtained through its online services. We suggest reading the regulations described below to understand the treatment of personal information when using our services on the HIVE site. These confidentiality rules may change in the future. It is recommended to review them periodically.



At HIVE we obtain information in different ways from various areas of the website. Said information is subject to confidentiality and privacy rules that the user voluntarily enters the website, which is stored in separate databases.

Data collected at the time of making a purchase. Among the requested information is: name, surname, physical address, email address, and telephone number, payment method data. When creating your username and / or placing an order,  It will be completely mandatory to provide all this required information. HIVE may contact its users at any time to confirm user information, shipping information, etc., by any of the following means: telephone, cell phone or email. It will be at the discretion of HIVE to contact the user to send their order or to complete a transaction.


Promotional emails. The information that users provide to HIVE may include: name, surname, email address, address, country, telephone number, among other information. The user may modify this information at any time and it will be used to adapt the promotions and notices sent by email to the user.


Contests, Raffles and Online Surveys. The type of information requested by any of these means may vary but may include personal data such as: full name, telephone number, email address, service opinions, among other data. The information will be for the exclusive use of the company and with the mere fact of participating they will automatically accept to include their email in the promotional mailing list from which they can voluntarily cancel their subscription at any time.


All the information obtained by HIVE will be protected on a 100% secure server that resides through a firewall designed to impede access from outside the company. Unfortunately, no transmission over the internet can guarantee your 100% security. HIVE will endeavor to keep and protect this information as much as possible through our security systems.



HIVE uses the information provided during the completion of a new account, surveys, dynamics and program subscriptions to conduct internal studies on user demographics, interests and behavior. The objective will be to offer useful information and promotions for users to improve the experience of using the site.

Promotional emails. The information obtained is for the exclusive use of HIVE. Advertising through the promotional email system is done through notices which are sent to the user to the email address provided when creating an account if the user indicated that they want to be part of the promotional email list. The user may modify or cancel the subscription to the promotional email system whenever he wishes.

Frequency of Sending Promotional Emails: Users registered for the newsletter may receive a maximum of 2 emails per week. The newsletters will include information related to products, events and promotional dynamics.

Cancellation of Subscription to Promotional Emails: Users who wish to stop receiving promotional newsletters or modify the frequency of delivery may do so by clicking Cancel Subscription in the footer of any email sent by HIVE.



Cookies are pieces of information that are sent by the website to the user's browser. Cookies are stored on the user's hard drive and are used to determine their preferences when connecting to the services of the HIVE site.  to track certain behaviors or activities carried out within the HIVE website.

It is necessary to have cookies enabled in some sections of our site in order to perform some functions to work.


Cookies will allow:


Recognize the user when entering the website and offer a personalized experience.

Know the personal configuration of the site specified by the user.

Calculate the size of the audience and measure parameters such as traffic, frequency of use and most visited sections of the site, thus reflecting their habits and preferences. This information allows you to display higher quality content, headlines and promotions for users.

Activity tracking to detect if the user has filled out survey information and avoid displaying it again, among others.



The information requested from the user by HIVE  It will be for the exclusive use of the company and will not be shared under any circumstances, unless otherwise specified.

HIVE does not share confidential information with third parties, except with the express authorization of the users or when it has been required by a court order to comply with the procedural provisions.


HIVE does not sell or rent user information. If the user's personal data should be shared with commercial partners or sponsors, the user will be notified before they are registered or transferred. The user can choose if they do not want to share their data with third parties in this situation.


HIVE may disseminate statistics together with users (eg: Percentage of male users vs. female users) to describe the service and for lawful purposes in the cases established by law.


HIVE may disseminate account information in special cases when we believe that providing this information may serve to identify, locate or take legal action against people who may violate the conditions of service of the HIVE site or cause damage or interference with the rights of HIVE or its properties; from other users of the HIVE site  or of any other person who could be harmed by said activities. HIVE may disclose and gain access to account information when acting in good faith, we believe it is necessary for legal, administrative or other reasons and we deem it necessary to maintain, provide and develop our products.


HIVE does not assume the obligation to keep confidential any other information that the user provides, including that information that the user provides through newsletters, online talks, as well as information obtained through cookies that are described in section 3.



HIVE will collect the minimum possible information from minors to provide its services.

HIVE does not request personally identifiable information from minors. Minors should always ask their parents for permission before sending personal information to another user who is online.



This confidentiality / privacy statement is subject to the terms and conditions of HIVE, which constitutes a legal agreement between HIVE and the user. If the user creates an account and / or places an order to  HIVE means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth above. If you do not agree with them, the user should not provide any personal information to HIVE.



The principles that govern its privacy and confidentiality policies for the information provided by users of its online electronic services are briefly outlined below:


HIVE uses user information only for the purposes mentioned above and will be for the exclusive use of the company.

HIVE strives to ensure the quality of the information that is collected about our users of online services, particularly when it has been obtained through an information or service provider.

HIVE focuses its efforts to offer the most modern and updated technology in order to offer its users the greatest possible security in the handling and transfer of the information that is required in the various processes requiring more data.

HIVE will avoid the disclosure of user information, doing so only with respect to those data that are expressly authorized to do so.

At all times HIVE is attentive to the concerns expressed by users regarding the handling of the information they provide for the various online processes.

HIVE ensures that these privacy / confidentiality principles are extended to all business relationships within the group.

HIVE shares the responsibility for the care of the information with its employees, making them participate in the guidelines set forth in this document.

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